About Pete

I have been a financial planner for the last fifteen years, but have been active in the financial world for almost forty. Under my father's direction, I began investing in the stock market at age 14, using the money I earned from mowing lawns and odd jobs. This was the beginning of my life long fascination with investing and economics. 

After studying finance and economics at the University of Arkansas, and having sold cars to make a living while in school,  I began a career in the retail automobile industry. This career served me well, until a change in work schedule and my new marriage made me step back and analyze whether or not I wanted to continue in that particular career. My wife advised me to stop playing around and to finally make my career in the financial world, and that began the journey I find myself on now. 

I have been blessed in my career to have worked and learned at some tremendous broker-dealers. All of them have taught me something, and that learning has led to my decision to finally go the route of the independent broker-dealer. I feel humbled that I am now at the top of the financial services food chain while still in my 50's!

When I am not taking care of my clients, I am usually with my family in some fashion. I am married to the love of my life and the world's most tolerant woman, my wife Tammy. We are blessed to have one child, an 13 year old bundle of energy we are blessed to parent. Taking care of him insures we sleep well at night, although not for very long. 

Tammy and I are both active members of River Run Christian Church-Brevard here in Melbourne. I have served as an Elder twice, and currently serve on our Finance and Benevolence ministries, and Tammy heads up our backpack program, which feeds 54 hungry elementary school children three meals a day, every day. 

Life seems too busy for hobbies-but I do enjoy fishing, reading, playing with my son, and in the fall can usually be found watching college football and cheering on my beloved Arkansas Razorbacks!!