Our Services

Planning Services

We offer financial planning services to help bring direction and meaning to financial decisions. Our approach to financial planning strategies is to use financial planning software, modern portfolio theory, and the principles of Biblical wisdom to help clients address current needs and future goals. For most clients, this insures the best possible chance to reach your financial goals. For the faithful steward, planning from a Biblical perspective helps align faith and financial strategy by translating those values into specific goals.

We will review your financial goals, estate planning needs, retirement plans, investment portfolios, insurance, and income tax strategy and make recommendations based on a thorough analysis. We seek to help clients make wise decisions by serving as a facilitator in the goal-setting and decision-making process. By making wise financial decisions, clients may bring balance into their lives and allocate more time for what is most important to them. We also seek to help clients be intentional about the legacy they want to create and to help clients move from success to significance. Other value-added services include personal mission statement development and survivor spouse strategies.

Investment Services

We offer both conventional and fee-based investment services with an emphasis on quality and diversification strategies. However, please remember that diversification does not ensure a profit or guarantee against a loss. Our approach to wealth management is based on applying modern portfolio theory and Biblical principles for saving and investing to help clients work toward future goals. Additionally, Calton & Associate's due diligence process allows me to foster and maintain relationships with highly qualified institutional third party managers that can add considerable depth and breadth to our investment process.

Have you considered your values in your investment choices? For those that seek it-we have the value-added capability to help clients align investment strategy to their faith and values through Socially Responsible (“SRI”) and Biblically Responsible Investing ("BRI") criteria. For the faithful steward, BRI represents an opportunity to "set apart" the resources entrusted to them by avoiding investment in companies whose business practices are not honoring to Biblical principles. This level of screening is possible all within the primary aim of helping clients work toward individual needs and objectives.

Additionally, we may suggest utilizing alternative investment strategies for qualified accredited clients based on their specific financial situation. 

As your financial advisor, we will help you design a diversified portfolio that is individually tailored to your values, risk tolerance, needs, and objectives to help you pursue your financial goals in a manner consistent with your most important values and beliefs.